The following rates are current as of August 2023.

(fees in red apply to advertisers who are not members of an association)

For Members of a Professional Trade Association e.g  PTS, IPDA,  or any associations that are IFSDA members the following rates apply:

The First advertisement /  posting in the month  £10. (£15) (All postings will remain on site for 2 months)

Further advertisements / postings submitted in same month ( no limit as to number) will be posted at £2.50 each (£3.75)

For an additional £5 / month (£7.50) for those using the postings facility to promote their business,  a banner can be added to the site,  promoting personal, as opposed to ebay etc, retail websites. For those who do not wish to have monthly postings but would like to just have a banner linking to a personal website this can be placed for £12/month (£18).

Advertising Postings can contain more detail and content than the banner ad on site (this would typically have one link to a retail site) and multiple links to e.g website, email, address (google maps), current catalogues and lists…. When posted they also appear in list of recent posts. Each advertiser will have an individual “tag” which if clicked will bring all their current posts on site together

All advertisement postings will run for two full months i.e. if posted on 15th April would run until 15th June.  This effectively equates to a rate of £5/month (£7.50) for “First advertisement” of month and £1.25/month (£1.88) for “further advertisements” in the month for members of an association. The content of any “further advertisements” must be different from any advertisement currently running.

The aim is to publish advertisements / announcements on the site as posts that will be accessible through the “Dealers Spotlight” and “Latest News from Specialist Dealers” within 72 hours of receipt. Most should be published sooner. As such there is no real “copy deadline” when advertising on THE PHILATELIC REGISTER.

In addition, members of professional trade associations will be promoted through “The Philatelic Register RETAIL Newsletter” if they have an active advertisement / postings on the site.

Note:  If you run your business in a way compliant with the IPDA Code of Ethics  your advertising savings by becoming a member could pay your annual IPDA subscription within 2 months. Would you qualify for IPDA membership?

Advertising requests / enquiries are to be submitted to

Invoices for online payment will be sent out the month following publication of any advertisements

NOTE:  “Latest News from Specialist Dealers” pages on site are accessible to ALL not just registered subscribers.

FINAL NOTE:  Part of the “mission” of “The Philatelic Register” is to promote excellence.  It cannot escape the attention of those who have spent any significant time browsing the likes of eBay, HipStamp and Delcampe that there is no control over the quality of material being offered.

Therefore requests for advertisements directing readers to a business hosted on these sites will only be accepted from those with a Professional Trade Association membership.